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September 03, 2008



Hi Jessica!
Thanks for checking out my little blog!
Olivia was a tad bit pricey - for the two of us total was $120 before tip. So, definitely on the high end, but worth every penny!


Oooh, sounds yummy! I found this post through K's post, btw. Love the marker drawings of the food, lol. I'm curious-- how expensive is Olivia?


Yes, yes, you guys were missed! We'll do it up right next time you find yourselves in the ATX...

The husband is much more artistically inclined than I, but I tried!


Soooooooo jealous. And not only of the dinner (grilled okra!!! lamb tongues!!! duck egg creme caramel!!!), but also your mad drawing skillz.

Jealous, I tell you! :)

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